Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks: Rankings, lineup advice for Friday, July 28

I snagged a ton of shares of him with that thought process, and others that joined me in that venture have finally started to reap some of the rewards. Fisher, who has power upside, is a nice way to get cheap exposure to a strong lineup, while also providing great salary relief. For an encore, he gets to flash those same skills in one of the most homer-friendly environments in baseball, having been traded to the New York Yankees in December. Top Places to Play

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In the last 30 days, Stanton owns a. In this time span, Stanton has 2 home runs and 2 doubles to go along with Davis will face off against Dylan Bundy who has struggled mightily this year with a 2. He will also be pitching to Caleb Joseph who is his worst catcher. When pitching with Joseph, Bundy owns a 6.

Khris Davis crushes fly-ball pitching in his career and currently owns a. He also has destroyed right-handed pitchers Travis and Price have faced each other 16 previous times and Travis has tagged Price for seven hits, including a homer, to give him a.

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