NFL Playoffs by the odds: Vegas picks and preview of the divisional round

Duke vs Kansas Under Saturday , March 24, That ranked them 20th in the NFL. It comes with a caveat however. Arizona Diamondbacks Thursday, July 26, Tom Brady's pumped for Week 5, and so are we

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For the regular season and playoffs, updated after every game

This is what often happens with this team, which is had a tendency to get off to slow starts but then come on very strong. At the moment they are sitting with a record, which leads the NFC West, and so they take the momentum into their matchup with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers , which will kick off at 4: The game will be televised on Fox Network, and BetAnySports customers will have the opportunity to place wagers on it in real time as they challenge the football betting odds through the wonders of Live Betting Ultra.

Seattle has not really gone through the skids, so to speak, but they did have a very dreary time with the Arizona, then went to New Orleans and lost Since then they have won three straight games, with the most impressive being a victory at New England. As far as control is concerned, Jameis Winston is in a different neighborhood. Granted, that was a Chiefs secondary that was without Marcus Peters, but we all know what the Heisman Trophy winner can do, particularly when he has some offensive balance working for him.

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The Steelers have been the most-bet side of the divisional round early in the week, drawing about 80 percent of the action. Jacksonville, of course, thumped Pittsburgh in its first trip to Heinz Field this season despite gamblers largely lining up on the home team. The weight that result carries going into a divisional-round rematch is debatable at best, especially considering the odd nature of the game.

Jacksonville had less than passing yards, winning almost entirely because it nabbed five interceptions from Ben Roethlisberger. Jacksonville was second in the league during the regular season with 33 takeaways, and added two more that made all the difference in its win over Buffalo as 8-point favorites last week. Antonio Brown is expected to return for this game, but will be far from percent after injuring his leg last month.

Losing linebacker Ryan Shazier to injury two weeks before Brown appears to have had a significant effect. The number is now up to 4. The only explanation for the move, therefore, is that the big money is backing Minnesota. The Vikings are behind only the Jaguars in giving up 4. Much has changed since then, though. Case Keenum, who started the year as a third-string quarterback, leads all active quarterbacks in QBR — the injured Wentz still sits in first overall.