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Handball for Beginners

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Betting on handball has become increasingly common in recent years. With most bookmakers offering a range of handball betting odds, take a look at who we recommend as our top 3 handball bookmakers. The opposite team could easily score several goals in a minute and turn the game around and it is not unusual to see scored goals in the region of 30 and upwards. A Beginner's Guide to Playing Handball written by: How the ball can be played The player can use anything from the knee and upwards to throw, hit, stop and catch the ball.

The player can take a maximum of three steps whilst holding the ball. The player can bounce and dribble the ball. If a player catches the ball, he has three seconds to pass it to another player, start to bounce it or dribble the ball.

The player cannot pass the ball to the goal keeper if he is inside the 7 meter goal zone. Awarded Throws and Penalties When a player breaks the rules, the referee can give out different penalties.

A Free throw re-starts the game if the referee has made an interruption. This can be given if someone has broken the rules or if the team in control of the ball is playing a very passive game. Play for the correct length of time.

A traditional handball game is played in 2 minute halves with a 10 minute break in between. Youth or tournament games are shorter, played in 2 minute or minute halves instead. The time marked is the running time of the game. The only times the clock stops are for each team to have one time-out per half, and if there is an injury. At half-time, the teams switch benches. Understand what the field players can do.

These players can touch the ball with all parts of their body above the knee which means no kicking! If they have the ball, they can only stay in place for three seconds think of it as a traveling offense in basketball , and they can only move for three steps with the ball. If they do not follow these rules, the ball goes to the other team. The players must quickly decide whether to shoot the ball, dribble it, or pass it.

A player can dribble the ball for as long as he wants, just as long as he keeps his hand on top of the ball. If he dribbles again, that's a "double dribbling" violation and the ball goes to the other team. Other offenses that a player can commit include carrying the ball into the crease the goalie's area , setting an illegal screen, and charging. Understand the different types of throws. Here's what you need to know about the different throws in the game: The game starts with a throw-off.

The throw-off takes place in the center of the court. Here, the thrower has to touch the middle line with one foot while all of the other players stay in their own half. The team that wins the coin toss and wants to start with the ball begins the throw off. After the whistle blows, the player with the ball in the center of the court passes the ball to a team-mate and play starts.

Every time a goal is scored, the opposing team gets the ball for another throw-off. A throw-off also occurs after half-time. If the ball leaves play, then the team that didn't touch the ball last gets a throw-in.

A free-throw is given after there's an interruption in play, and takes place wherever the play was interrupted. Play can be interrupted when one player is holding, pushing, hitting, tripping or hurting the other team's player and receives a penalty. A referee throw is called for when the ball touches anything that is above the court after multiple rules are broken during simultaneous possession of the ball.

In this situation, the referee stands at center court and throws the ball vertically, between two players of opposing teams, and they must jump and grab the ball or tap the ball to a member of their own teams. Other members of the team must be at least 3 meters 9.

This throw is given when a foul destroys a clear chance to score, the goalie carries the ball back to his own area, a court player plays the ball to his own goalie, or a defensive player enters his own goal area.

For this throw, all players have to be outside the free-throw line and the player who takes the throw has three seconds to shoot the ball. This one is given when the ball rebounds off the goalie over the end line or if the ball is thrown over the end line by the team that is attacking. Know the rule violations. There are many ways to commit a rule violation. If one team commits a violation, then that means that the other team is awarded the ball, either as a throw-in, free-throw, or goalie-throw.

Here are the different violations: This means keeping the ball within one team's possession without trying to attack or to score. This basically means stalling with the ball. Endangering an opponent with the ball. Pulling, hitting, or punching the ball of of the hands of an opponent.

Making contact with the ball below the knee. Diving on the floor for a ball that is rolling or not moving. Outstretching your arms or legs to push, hold, obstruct, trip, or hit the opponent or to charge into a defensive player. Understand how progressive punishments work. These punishments occur when something that a player does warrants more than just a free-throw, such as any rule violations that are aimed at an opponent instead of the ball.

Here are the stages of progressive punishments: Each player can only receive one warning for a rule violation, and each team can only receive a total of three warnings. This is given for serious and repeated rule violations, illegal substitution, and unsportsmanlike conduct. You do not need a warning first to get a 2-minute violation. For this violation, the player sits out for 2 minutes and is not replaced, so his team has to play one player short.

A player is given this as an equivalent of three suspensions that last 2 minutes each. After the first 2-minute suspension, the player can be replaced. The exclusion is given for assault and the player is excluded for the rest of the game.

This is a serious offense and this player's team is at a huge disadvantage because it has to play one player short for the rest of the game. There are many tips and tricks that can help you excel as a handball player, but the most important thing you can do is just to keep playing.

Here are some things you can work on as you improve your game: This is faster than dribbling and can get you to the goal more quickly. When you are defending, you can work on keeping your hands up so that you block shots as well as passing opportunities for the other team. When you're dribbling, work on using one hand to dribble while shielding the ball with your other hand to keep it safe from the opposing team. Most importantly, just keep practicing!

The more you play, the better you'll be at handball.