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Basically what you are doing in this bet, is picking whether or not you think the two teams can score more than the total goal line that is picked. The odds on a total bet typically stay around the same, but may vary depending on how heavily one side is being bet. If one side is being bet incredibly heavy, then the line will just move towards that side.

So this means that if you were to bet the over, the two teams would need to score a combined six goals for you to win the bet; and if you bet the under, they would need to score less than 6.

When it comes to money line betting, in hockey you can also bet on the money line for each period of the game. With three periods in a hockey game, this would give you two additional times to bet who you think will be winning the game, and then the third would be the regular money line bet. An example of a 1st and 2nd period money line bet, would be if you had the same example above the Hurricanes vs.

This would leave the Canadians somewhere around to be ahead after the first period, and somewhere around if you pick them to have the lead after the second period. So betting the money line by period is a great way to make some extra money if you think that one team will lead throughout. When it comes to point spread betting in hockey, the line is typically set at Meaning that if you make this bet, the side that you choose must either win by more than 1 goal, or lose by less than one goal.

The odds on this type of bet will vary quite a bit, depending on which team is favored, but the general idea behind this bet is to get better odds on a heavy favorite. So for example, if a team is favored by as much as , betting a line of In this example, the Penguins are favored by 1. So basically, you bet one team to win, the other team to win, or bet a tie. The idea behind this bet is to give you better odds on the favorite in each game, but also make the bet tougher because you automatically lose if the game goes into overtime.

It also has good payouts if you are able to hit on a bet like the tie. A parlay is a hockey bet where you include more than one team, and most sites allow all the way up to 12 or even 15 teams sometimes.

A parlay must include at least two teams, but the benefit of betting a parlay is that the payout is much higher. Typically a parlay in hockey will work a bit differently than in most sports, but below is a list of the general odds of a parlay all the way from two teams to 12 teams. One main thing to remember about parlays is that if you lose one of the bets in an parlay, you lose the entire bet.

The reason why parlay betting in hockey works a bit differently, is mainly due to the fact that a lot of hockey parlays will include money line bets which have changing odds. Even if you were to bet the Round robins are multiple small parlays that can feature anywhere between 2 and 8 teams.

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This quick tutorial will help you understand how to read a hockey betting line. Here is an example of one: This represents the money line if you take a team to win straight up.

If you pick Detroit, your winnings would be higher. This means that Detroit is the underdog and if you bet them in this column, you will be getting a goal and a half. The payout is small, but in a lot of cases it's the right pick.

Now the 2nd column of Colorado's line reads The upside to taking this bet is the payout. The over under line is the last column. In this game it is 5. That means that if both teams combine to score more than 5. Leave a comment in any section if you have questions about it. Big Rob in Dallas February 19, at Anonymous February 3, at 3: Marquan Jones February 5, at 7: Anonymous January 3, at Anonymous February 10, at 7: Anonymous April 16, at 3: Angela Navejas May 10, at 3: Matka India January 10, at 1: Anonymous February 26, at 6: Anonymous May 25, at 3: Shawn Deny August 15, at Anonymous October 15, at 9: Anonymous December 20, at 2: Tim Petersen February 16, at 6: Marsle Isure March 1, at 4: Mike Bell March 14, at 6: Anonymous March 16, at Mike Bell May 10, at 1: It also does not matter which team wins the game.

All that matters for this bet is the total number of goals scored. Pick the correct side, and you win your bet. A prop bet is a proposition with a wager attached to it. Prop bets in sports are a great source of entertainment and can also be a great source of profit. Sportsbooks offer plenty of prop betting options on NHL games.

NHL prop bets fall into two categories — skilled and unskilled. Skilled prop bets are bets that allow you to use knowledge and expertise to increase your chances of winning. Unskilled prop bets are bets that are up to chance.

No matter how much knowledge and expertise you have, your chances of picking the winning side will not change. The unskilled prop bets can be fun but should only be used for entertainment value. Unfortunately, sportsbooks are not going to distinguish between the two for you. NHL prop bets will come in all shapes and sizes. The options available will depend on the site you are betting at and what they choose to offer on each game.

A popular NHL prop bet is a bet on which team will score the first goal. It does not matter which team wins the game. The only thing that matters for this prop bet is which team gets the puck in the net first. This would be an example of a skilled prop bet. You could decide which team you think is going to come out the strongest. Some teams take a more relaxed approach to the first period while some teams come out guns blazing. An understanding of this strategy could help you to make a more informed decision about which team is likely to score first.

An NHL futures bet is where you place a wager early in the season or playoffs on the outcome of the season or the playoffs. Futures bets offer great payouts as they are challenging to get right. Do you think you can pick which team is going to win the Stanley Cup early on in the season? If you can you stand to win a lot of money with futures bets. Futures bets are not only offered at the beginning of the season or the playoffs. Most sportsbooks will allow you to make futures bets at any point during the season.

The only difference is that the betting lines will continue to shift to reflect the likelihood that a particular team will win the Stanley Cup. This means that if a team gets on a hot streak the pay out will most likely go down as they are now more likely to win the Stanley Cup. One important thing to remember about futures bets is their impact on your bankroll liquidity. When you place a straight bet on a game, you get access to those winnings as soon as the game is over. In the older days when interest on money in the bank was respectable, you had to calculate the time value of your money to see if the bet was worth it.

Futures bets can be a great addition to your betting arsenal and bring a hefty payout if you pick correctly. Remember, you can also bet multiple teams on separate futures bets. Because of the increased payouts, you can still turn a profit as long as one of your teams brings home the Cup. Take your time and read back through any sections you need to. NHL props are a great way to add some variety to your sports bets.

They can be wildly profitable if you make sure to stick to the skilled prop bets and only bet when you have a strong prediction.