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I went to two pre-season games in Vegas. I remember thinking, "Sure, they seem semi-excited now, but the season is long, the fans will never maintain interest. You absolutely have to go to a game if you get the chance! I have never seen seen so much energy in my entire life.

I went to an Oilers game back in February they lost of course , and the crowd was so insane I almost felt compelled to cheer for the Knights but wanted to remain loyal. Now that it's playoffs time and Oilers didn't make it, I am definitely bandwagoning for Vegas. I agree, I totally thought this was gonna flop like every other team in warm climate has, really goes to show what good ownership can do.

Yeah I mean I hate to be that guy, but it's year 1 and the team is in the second round of the playoffs. It is fortunate that there is a lot to cheer about.

Usually the tests come during a string of not so good years. Same was said for us in Winnipeg during the honeymoon phase "wait until the Jets aren't the hot new thing to really get a gauge of the market" and I think it's a fair assessment. Born and raised in Vegas. I thought we'd never get a pro team for any sport.

The Knights had my heart from the very first announcement. That football team can stay in CA. The good thing is even if they drop off in a year or two they will still be able to ride this success for a while. Same could be said of every team in the league. Even Montreal faced controversy when it was sold to Gillett, the team was getting nowhere and faced bankruptcy. They we're distributing tickets downtown in the late '90s for free. And you know what they all have in common?

Good owners that are willing to invest in the team and good arena locations. Feel like you fix a lot of problems by making games accessible, who woulda thunk?

Nashville is 11 Degrees Warmer than Boston over the year, and 13 degrees warmer than Buffalo. That's not true, Nashville has had 1 winter than a few feet fell all winter, , at 38 inches, unless you have a very liberal definition of near-ish. Love seeing this city so pumped up and united like this. Finally having a common team has been such a positive thing for the community. Wasn't born here, but I've been here since I was twelve and I'm 34 now.

I've never felt anything like this before in Vegas, where everybody you know is watching and talking about the same team, and it's fucking awesome.

I just missed the early's Rebels, I wonder how similar that was. Very similar, I was a kid but I remember everywhere we went in town people were talking about the Rebels Shit I remember people in the grocery store talking with my dad about the brilliance of our amoeba defense! I'm so excited for you guys, and I'm nowhere near Vegas. If we don't win, I absolutely want you guys to.

I fucking love towels as a crowd-prop. It's such a great visual, especially when you're there in the middle of it. I'm a big fan of anything that can unite a huge crowd.

Love the crowd taking over the anthem! Really, really love to boo, whether or not it was a bad call! But man it looks so cool when a building full of 20, people are all waving some bright laundry. I truly don't think there's a better way for a crowd to look as pumped as they feel.

You can just see the whole crowd writhing with excitement. Yeah, I played that game growing up too! Was kind of a pleasant surprise to realize two unrelated childhood hockey games of mine use the font haha.

Dude named Rom DiPrisco composed a lot of that stuff however not the song in the parent , it's genuinely awesome music that obviously isn't well-known outside of the people who played those games. The big hit button just made that game. Make a team of big hitters and win every game like Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new post. Cirelli on Training Camp Anthony Cirelli discussed his mentality heading into training camp.

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