Well, the simple answer is corruption. BetAmerica makes it easier than ever to bet using your iPhone, Android or any device! Most of today's reputable websites are watched closely by committees and are independently tested and audited to ensure a smooth flow from how their systems operate to their payment structures. Where to Bet on Horses in the US

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You can also get TVG via cable, where offered. If there are no real races going on, you can also wager on virtual horse races. These are races simulated by a computer program, and bettors can still wager on the outcome. More on virtual sports betting. Unfortunately, this is not offered in the United States, although some casinos — both land-based and online — could offer this in the near future.

Wagering on virtual horse races is more common in Europe and other regulated markets internationally. The Week In Sports Betting: Is your state DFS-friendly?

A complete breakdown of the state eligibility for major one day fantasy sports sites like FanDuel, DraftKings and more. DraftKings Promo Code Best legal horse betting sites and apps for Here is a look at some of the best online horse betting sites and apps, and how to get your money online. Sports Betting Keep tabs on all the sports betting-related bills in U. By Dustin Gouker Legislative Tracker: Daily Fantasy Sports A regularly updated table of all active and historical bills related to fantasy sports.

In , president George W. This crippled online poker rooms, casinos, and even niche games like bingo and keno because it cracked down on the financial institutions that process gambling related transactions. However, within the complex language, written and rewritten by teams of politicians, special carve outs were made for the horse racing industry.

Perhaps because of the popularity of big-time races like the Kentucky Derby, or maybe just because most states offer live tracks so enforcing anti-Internet gambling seemed obtuse. Whatever the reasons, the UIGEA actually carved out a spot for horse racing in particular, and thus it was never considered illegal like poker or blackjack.

Not only horse racing, but also dog racing, like the greyhounds. That's right; these types of racing have always been considered legal online, all but a few states. So, if you live outside of the aforementioned states, you can gamble online legally on horse racing. If you live within one of those states, you may need to seek other options, such as an offshore site, which is perfectly legal to bet at.

Horse betting is just one of the many features available to players who open up a sportsbook account at Bovada. They are one of the most trusted names in online betting and come highly recommended by our team. There is no way that politicians simply made a gross oversight when figuring out which forms of gambling to ban online. That is not in their nature.

So, why is horse racing considered to be legal in America while so many other sports are not? While the technical story can be boring and confusing, the fact is that a few Senators refused to support the UIGEA unless it specifically saved horse racing for members of their states.

To get the bill passed, so Bush could have a win, government gave the okay for horse racing, and this type of sport was not affected by the legislation.

Of course, to make sure that the federal government did not stomp all over states' rights, states were given the option to individually opt out of legalized racing if they wanted.

Unfortunately for some Americans, a few states some of the ones we mentioned above did decide to opt out and made racing illegal, whether horses or dogs.

With a state like Illinois, they simply don't have a large racing culture there with live tracks, and did not want to introduce an online gambling culture where there wasn't one before. Mississippi is like a mini Las Vegas, and so they did not want racing interfering with their state's residents gambling at casinos. Utah, of course, resists gambling for religious reasons.

Virginia just seems out of the gambling fold altogether. Washington did not want to step on the toes of their Native American tribal gambling culture. So, of course, some states opted out. But most did not, and thus horse racing is legal online for most Americans today. There are two main types of racebooks online about which we will speak here: Offshore sites and state-based sites.

Offshore sites are simply sites that are located outside of US jurisdiction, via Caracas or Gibraltar or other areas where America doesn't have influence. State-based sites are those licensed by the state itself. Now, as to which is legitimate, or if racing as a whole is legitimate online, that really all depends on which site you're dealing with.

Most of today's reputable websites are watched closely by committees and are independently tested and audited to ensure a smooth flow from how their systems operate to their payment structures. And all sites will use some take on an RNG random number generator for games outside of racing. Of course, with horse racing or the greyhounds, what you're looking for are A accurate odds that reflect live betting, and B a fair payout structure offered by the site.

We cannot claim that every site meets these two points, but that is certainly the standards to which we hold them, and the standards to which you should hold them. When looking for a legitimate site, those are two things you want — and more on what else to look for later on.

Now, let's get to the good stuff. This is all about betting, and the basic gist of wagering on horses or greyhounds via an online racebook. To begin, let's speak about what betting on the horses is. It is not considered to be commercial gambling; instead, it is classified as pari-mutuel betting. This is a type of betting whereby all bets on a specific sport are pooled. Taking a vig, which is a percentage, closely akin to a rake, the track profits.

For the rest of the money, this is what you are being paid with should you win, save cases where the track has to go into its own pockets, as it were. It's because of this group payment system that horse racing avoids the commercial label. Don't worry about tracks not making theirs, however. Most people aren't betting on that Therefore, tracks, either online or on-location, are not typically paying out any more than what is in the pool.

Favorites pay a smaller sum. Understanding the structure in general and how your bet feeds the payout kitty, so to speak, may help you make a better decision going forward on whether to bet a long-shot or a favorite.

Betting types for races may be a bit more complicated than you suspect. It's not all about the 4: You can get into some types of wagers that one must be an avid gambler to comprehend. Our goal is to explain these to you well enough to grasp them, so you're betting from an informed position.