SP Tony Ferguson U: This information is subject to change, however, so be sure to check out our College Football Public Betting Page for updated figures on the game. I'll be in for a nickel. While the National Basketball Association NBA was once active in preventing sports betting law relaxation, current NBA Commissioner Adam Silver became the first major sports leader to break from previous administrative opposition to gambling. BigOnSports Top Sportsbooks

Georges St-Pierre vs. Floyd Mayweather in boxing? Coach Firas Zahabi wants it

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You DON'T have to bet on every fight on every card. This system is the same scoring system used in boxing. Anderson "The Spider" Silva Over: SP Daniel Cormier U: SP Tito Ortiz U: SP Rose Namajunas U: SP Gegard Mousasi U: SP Ryan Bader U: SP Fedor Emelianenko U: SP Tony Ferguson U: SP Dominick Reyes U: SP Alexander Volkov U: SP Felice Herrig U: SP Aspen Ladd U: SP Sergio Pettis U: SP Alan Patrick U: SP Yana Kunitskaya U: SP Nik Lentz U: SP Dustin Poirier U: SP Ronaldo Souza U: SP Israel Adesanya U: SP Luke Rockhold U: SP Cristiane Justino U: SP Sam Alvey U: SP Renan Barao U: Dude is a journeyman fighter, though.

Just as a matter of principle, I don't subsidize other people's bets. But I can see your perspective here. I Hope the American Gangster doesn't disappoint me.

First Time betting on mma for me! I lost a few bucks on Woodley the last time he fought, I thought he was a lock against Shields. What's the payoff for your parlay? You're buying the Chael hype. But rashad looked sooooo Bad in his last Fight! I've learned that the more you know with MMA, the less you know when it comes to betting. Fights like this to some people can be toss ups. It's better to stay away from them if you don't feel comfortable placing your money on them.

I learned the hard way that "emotional" betting, or betting money on a fighter because you like them is normally a losing bet. I lost a bunch of money on Cro Cop over the years, and I did lose a chunk of change when I bet on Fedor to beat Bigfoot. Rashad at seems pretty tempting. GSP at is pretty cheap given how expensive he's been these past few fights. I know man, the kid has no ground game. I'm not a betting guy i've done few in the past , but something in me will regret not putting money on Campuzano.

I've learned over time to never count Josh Thompson out. That being said, this fight isn't happening for at least 7 or 8 more months. So whatever betting line you are looking at is bound to change within that time frame. I know both of these fighters and honestly I stay away from facebook prelims now. The last time I made any real coin on a facebook prelim is when Issei Tamura knocked out Tiequan Zhang. I've found that they are really too unpredictable. I have zero interest in placing a bet or putting that fight into any of my parlays.

Pettis, even though he could win is much too expensive. Will Campuzano while is able to play the role of the spoiler, it is possible that he could outlast Pettis and take a scorecard, it needs to be mentioned that he is coming off of two decisions, and the last one was a split, meaning he could have lost that fight.

It could also be possible Pettis lives up to the hype and takes this fight. Remember, the UFC isn't in the business of losing money, they want to make as much money as they can, and this is a good match up for Pettis if you compare styles.

I would flat out stay away from this fight. It's just not worth it. Or even by submission or decision. I just don't see any of those happening, not realistically.

But I'm saying this to people looking to bet. I'm giving my best impressions to counter this idea that Lawler is a great value bet, and I don't think he is at all. I see him winning by tko in round 2. Coming from a Robbie Lawler fan, I'm not sure I would do that. He is one of the people I look forward to seeing all the time because of his ridiculous knockout power, but one thing Robbie is not is a complete mixed martial artist.

Rory is too good in all the other aspects of the game to get caught by one of Robbie's punches. I would be genuinely shocked if this went any other way than Rory getting his hand raised. It's all explained here http: The UK system is you with the first amount if you put the second amount on. To make the demoninator 1 you need to divide it by 2, so do the same to the top. We just keep it to whole numbers.

This is called The North American Moneyline. You can also group together a number of fights and place one bet on them for a higher payoff. You have to get all the fights right in order to get paid. They are called "parlays. By big favorites I mean to range. Trust me, I've been grinding for 5 years now. Once again, that is not unique to moneyline. I have been placing parlays, accumulators, multi's, combos what ever you want to call them for years in pubs and tabs across New Zealand and Australia.

Here in North America you can't place bets on Pubs and bars, unless it's with a drunk dude thinking that Brock Lesnar is the man. We're talking apples and oranges.

You don't seem to understand. He's just trying to tell you that "parlaying" bets is not exclusive to the NAM system. You're trying to claim that accumulators are only a moneyline thing.

I am telling you they are not. What establishment I am placing accumulators in is immaterial. The fact is I have been placing them since my 18th birthday, despite never encountering moneyline gambling other than online. Incidentally bars and pubs often have what is known as a 'TAB' inside them. They are the most prevalent sports betting establishment in this part of the world. You will also find tab's out in the wild.

But for me gambling is frequently tied to alcohol consumption. Hence my love of the accumulator. Despite several attempts to prove Bigfoot exists, no one has presented evidence that has withstood scientific scrutiny. Indeed, many such "proofs" have turned out to be outright hoaxes.

In , two men claimed to have found a seven-foot two-meter tall, pound kilogram Bigfoot corpse in the woods of northern Georgia, but the body was later revealed to be a rubber ape costume. Last November, another group claimed they had done DNA tests that proved the "North American Sasquatch is a hybrid species, the result of males of an unknown hominin species crossing with female Homo sapiens.

This response was automatically generated from http: They'll get there eventually. I actually find sportsbet totally adequate for mma. Although sometimes their odds make me do a double take. Also being able to paypal into my account is a bonus. I'll bet I'm going to have a fantastic night of brawls!!! Does anybody wanna put down a wager? What sites do you guys use to place bets in the US?