The 'Kawhi Leonard' Effect on the 2018–19 NBA Title Odds

The 76ers are on the cusp of becoming a contender in the Eastern Conference. You are now following this newsletter. But the Huskies' poor record is the only knock against the , pound Fultz, who joins a burgeoning young nucleus in the City of Brotherly Love. In that scenario, you may see Michael Porter Jr. If the Grizzlies keep the pick, Jackson, the youngest player in the draft, is a smart choice. Dustin Johnson Tied for Lead at U.S. Open After the First Round

The latest details for the upcoming 2018 Eastern Conference Finals matchup.

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Since that season, the 76ers won only games as they went all in on their rebuild. Philadelphia has picked in the top three in four consecutive seasons, landing two franchise cornerstones and hopefully a third.

The process began in when Joel Embiid was selected third. The 76ers whiffed on Jahlil Okafor in , passing on Kristaps Porzingis. They made up for it in when they selected Ben Simmons No. In , they landed Markelle Fultz with the No. Philadelphia is hopeful it will have an opportunity to land another lottery talent this year. Despite making the playoffs, the 76ers could have a pick in the top 10 this season.

However, they will need a little luck for that to happen. If the pick lands at No. However, if it lands at No. What are the chances that pick lands where Philadelphia needs it to?

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Chicago garnered this pick in a blockbuster trade that sent Jimmy Butler to the Timberwolves. Markkanen is a native of Finland and starred for Sean Miller last year at Arizona, averaging Standing an even 7-foot, Markkanen is knockdown three-point shooter. The year-old shot The Knicks got their man. Much like Kristaps Porzingis, Ntilikina is young and raw with insane measurables and a whole lot of unknowns.

But on paper, he has the body and build to be an NBA force. He's a pass-first point guard who stands and has a 7-foot-plus wingspan — the type of long arms that could make him a suffocating defender. At 18, he's the youngest player in the draft. Much like Markelle Fultz, Smith is a tremendously talented scoring point guard who spent his freshman season stuck on a lousy team. Smith's Wolfpack finished last season while he averaged Smith tore his ACL in his senior year of high school, and he believes that's a major reason why he fell in this draft.

The Kings traded this pick to Portland in exchange for the No. As a freshman, Collins came off the bench for the national runner-up Zags, but at 7-foot with consistent range from deep, the Las Vegas native proved to be coach Mark Few's best NBA prospect. Collins turned heads in the Final Four when he scored 14 points, grabbed 13 rebounds and blocked six shots in Gonzaga's semifinal victory over South Carolina.

He averaged 10 points, 5. Monk is a scorer, plain and simple. At , he's a little undersized for a shooting guard and may struggle to defend the position early on in his NBA career. But he makes up for lack of length with top-notch athleticism. He posted a inch vertical at the start of the Wildcats' season and put that leaping ability to good use with some poster dunks during his freshman campaign.

Kennard took advantage of a standout sophomore season in which he averaged Utah traded Trey Lyles and the No. Despite standing just , Mitchell's wingspan give him the ability to play off the ball in the NBA as a shooting guard. Adebayo improved his draft stock considerably during the workout process, largely because teams were "shocked" that he could shoot the ball. He didn't attempt a three in his freshman campaign at Kentucky.

Adebayo is , pounds with a vertical jump close to 40 inches. He'll contribute more on that end to begin his NBA career. Jackson was the best offensive player on the best team in the country last season in college basketball.

He's with a wingspan, so the length is there. But he's underweight at pounds, and considering he's already 22, he likely won't fill out substantially more in the coming years. An athletic seven-footer with agility, Patton averaged He was hesitant to shoot from deep but found success when he did let them fly, hitting eight of 15 threes on the season. Patton is a development project who probably could have used another year in college.

After being a non-factor for the Wolverines in his first two collegiate seasons, Wilson emerged as a junior, especially in the postseason during the NCAA tournament run. He scored 19 points in a first-round win over Oklahoma State and followed that up with 17 points in an upset victory over Louisville.

He's with a wingspan. Leaf is a prototypical stretch four who showed off a polished offensive game in his freshman season playing alongside Lonzo Ball for the Bruins. He's only 19 and has a lean frame. He'll need to add some bulk to defend the power-forward position successfully at the next level.

Collins was a beast for the Demon Deacons last year, averaging close to a double-double at He also blocked 1. Collins is a true big man and doesn't stretch the floor like some of the other lengthy players in the draft.