Among Final Four teams, Villanova has a 50-50 chance to win the national title

Villanova's Eric Paschall 4 dunks against Alabama during the second half of a second-round game in the NCAA men's college basketball tournament, Saturday, March 17, , in Pittsburgh. Savoy hitting a three-point shot with a little over a minute to play to give Florida State its first lead of the second half. While bettors might be looking for a long shot to cash in in a tournament that seems like a complete toss-up, teams outside of to-1 rarely cash. The best teams usually win out in this tournament. 2017 NCAA Tournament odds

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The freshmen for Kentucky put themselves up with the "Fab Five" Michigan team after their performance on Saturday pic.

More importantly, after No. They have the second-best chance to win the NCAA title 26 percent. Savoy all scored in double digits — to defeat Missouri.

Shelton Mitchell led the Tigers in scoring 23 points and added five assists and three rebounds. Clemson will face No. The Retrievers made history on Friday night and defeated the Cavaliers The Retrievers will play No. Macura — scoring at least 24 points. The Tigers will have to perform better than 47 percent from the free throw line if they are to make it through to the Sweet 16 and beyond.

Their chances did increase from 50 to 58 percent with the win. Miles Bridges had 26 points, nine rebounds and four assists in the Spartans first-round victory. Already one of the stronger teams in the tournament, their chances to make the Final Four rise from 29 to 31 percent. They play Syracuse in the second round.

Slight upset by the Wildcats, who outshot the Bluejays 47 to 27 percent from behind the three-point line. They also dodged No. The Mountaineers came into the big dance creating turnovers on 23 percent of their defensive possessions, the second-most in the nation, and forced Murray State into 16 of them in their first round matchup.

Now West Virginia has a 21 percent chance of making the Elite Eight — it was 12 percent before this game — and faces No. As a result, their chances to make the Sweet 16 move up from 17 to 24 percent, with a matchup against No. Coach Roy Williams is now in the round of 64 , the most wins in the tournament without a loss.

Next round they face No. All that stands in their way is No. It will have to do better if they are going to make it past No. Now the Crimson Tide will face No. This is a bracket buster. All they have to do is beat No. The Lumberjacks were seeded No.

Austin coach says his college basketball team has too many millennials ]. The Highlanders had little chance in this one. Now it will be up to No. The first upset of the tournament, and one we saw coming. Loyola wins its first NCAA tournament game since , and has a very strong chance to reach the Sweet 16 in a potential game against Tennessee. This was the 1-vs. That is a lethal combination that often leads to a championship. And they have maybe the best draw of anyone.

The Wildcats are starting to take on the look of a championship team: Some will look at this ranking and see it as a dismissal of Gonzaga: Look down a couple spots. Gonzaga can win this thing, too.

But these Wildcats will be in the hunt. A year ago there were moments when they were just too gifted and athletic for the opposition; the Indiana Sweet 16 game was an example. Pretty much every other team will lose in this tournament, save for the one that does not, without it being a referendum on their historic merit.

Well, here are the stats: Can they beat great teams? Will the limits of their physical power and overall depth be exploited at the Elite Eight level and beyond?

If so, why do they reach it so rarely? Are the Wildcats trustworthy? Bruins fans are angry they were seeded behind Gonzaga. They should point to Louisville, which was handed a No. Yes, there is an impressive collection of athletes and competitors assembled at Oregon. In the end, as was the case in the Pac title game, there likely is not enough direction at the offensive end to get them through six games. One of the unintended consequences of the bracket preview show that the coaches coerced the NCAA to stage for the cause of greater transparency: Careful what you wish for, coaches.

But look at it this way: The Gaels lost four games all season; three of them were to Gonzaga. The only way the two can play now is if both reach the Elite Eight. Since the injury to center John Egbunu, Florida is a. That does not inspire confidence. NCAA Tournament odds: