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Patriots Seek Record-Tying Sixth Super Bowl Win

Thanks for contacting us, We will call you shortly. There are a lot of teams on a real run of form right now, and they have given themselves the opportunity to win their respective divisions and book a playoff spot with plenty of time to spare. While time is starting to run out for the teams on the outside looking in, there is still a lot of football to be played. The Steelers head home on a 4-game winning run, while the Titans have put together 3-straight victories. Oddly enough, each of those 3 wins for the Titans has come against the other teams in the AFC North, and this is a chance for them to make a clean sweep of the division.

The Steelers are tough to beat at Heinz Field and are playing the sort of defense that is sure to frustrate a Tennessee offense that is not known to be high-powered. The reality now is that this looks like a team that is for real. They are not leaning on Drew Brees anymore, as they now have a great running game, as well as a defense that is finally holding up their end of the bargain. The Redskins are now below. I think the Saints drive another nail in the Redskins postseason coffin this weekend.

The point-spread is like a handicap for the better team. The point-spread is a term that is known even by people who have never laid a wager. First of all, the first or top team is always the road team, while the bottom or second team listed is always at home. New England at -4 means they are a 4-point favorite. A minus-sign - is always indicative of a favorite. Cincinnati is the underdog.

Any underdog that wins the game is a winning bet. New England not only needs to win, but they need to do so at a margin greater than 4 points to win. A lot of NFL point-spreads fall on a half-point, like A winning straight bet on San Diego would result from one of two things: A winning wager on the Steelers can only occur if Pittsburgh wins by 6 or more points. After a few weeks betting on NFL football, you will start understanding point-spreads on an instinctive level.

What goes into being successful against the spread on a long-term basis is a going to be much more difficult to learn. But the concept itself is easy. That might lead you to think that winning exactly half of your wagers would result in breaking even. The prospects of winning in NFL wagering by making mostly straight bets becomes even rosier when we can get reduced juice.

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