New Jersey Online Gambling For 2018

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Legal Online Sportsbooks That Accept All US Players Including NJ

Which online sportsbooks are available in NJ?

New Jersey has recently implemented online and domestic sports betting to residents within NJ state lines. Online sports betting began in August but some casino operators are still getting their systems ready or partnering with other online bookmakers to offer the service to NJ residents. It is assumed that most domestic casinos will host an online sportsbook, but only a few partnerships have been confirmed at this time.

The other casinos have not launched sports betting yet, but all of them have plans to do so by the end of As mentioned previously, several specific US federal laws govern sportsbook gambling in the United States.

This is no longer the case. The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act was passed in and prohibited individual states from licensing bookmaker operations within their territory. The only exception to this law consisted of four specific regions that were exempted from these restrictions. Despite the restrictions enforced through PASPA, New Jersey lawmakers moved forward with approving and launching sports betting options within the state.

They have faced numerous legal challenges as a result, including lawsuits initiated by the various professional sports leagues in the country. Lawmakers in the Garden State refused to back down, even when they were strongly opposed by all of the US professional and collegiate leagues. Prior to the state's launch of domestic sports betting, fans in the state were restricted to only licensed offshore sportsbooks if they wanted to participate in any type of sports-related gambling. Now they will have the expanded range of options that includes state regulated bookmakers as well as legally sanctioned offshore sportsbooks.

However, now that state-regulated sportsbook gambling can be legally established in any state that passes the appropriate legislation, the Wire Act now only prohibits wired wagers that are categorized as 'interstate' transactions, meaning that as long as the bets are not accepted across state lines, online sports betting can now be legally licensed by individual states. Despite popular belief, this law does not prohibit US residents from gambling online. The UIGEA imposes regulatory requirements regarding how online gambling related transactions can be processed.

Only recently, New Jersey had two sports teams of their own. They had, and still have, the New Jersey Devils in the National Hockey League, which is a middle-of-the-road team, if we're kind, that actually has a fairly large fan base when you consider that they're not exactly Stanley Cup contenders on a year on year basis.

This was yet another pretty big team in the NBA that had a huge Jersey following. They never quite managed to get over the hump, but they were a perennial playoff team in the early to mids, and they would typically win around 60 games a season. Out of 82 games, this means that they were huge with the sports betting community. Knowing that they would earn a mid to high seed in the Eastern Conference playoffs, a lot of Jerseyans bet on the Nets.

Unfortunately, the Nets were purchased by a Russian billionaire four years ago, and he began the process of relocating the team to Brooklyn. So now they're the Brooklyn Nets, but many Jerseyans still follow the Nets closely. New Jersey's most famous sports teams aren't actually New Jersey's teams at all but are rather adopted by the state. However, only one of those teams actually plays in New York, and that's the Buffalo Bills. Since NYC is packed to the rafter with millions of people and businesses and streets and parks, it's impractical to put a stadium up in the city.

And while they're New York teams, the fact that they play in Jersey makes them the most popular home teams in the state of New Jersey. The two teams originate from New York and kept the name of their home state because of marketability and the relatively short distance around 18 miles from New York City.

With the 2nd overall pick in the Draft, the Giants selected RB Saquon Barkley to hopefully add a dynamic playmaker to a stagnant Giants offense that has suffered on the offensive side of the ball for the past couple of seasons.

The Giants went in and the entire coaching staff would have one believe Barkley is the key that will allow them to win the Super Bowl in The key word in the previous sentence being: In other words, betting on the Giants would be a giant mistake for this season at least. The Jets did make some strides to the future, drafting QB Sam Darnold with the 3rd overall pick in the NFL Draft, hoping they finally picked the right franchise quarterback this time around.

But on a serious note, the Jets odds of winning Super Bowl rank near the bottom of the league, which is understandable since they have a lot of work to do going from the rebuilding phase to the contending phase. On November 6, , Rutgers and Princeton played in what is considered to be the first ever intercollegiate football game in history. In , Rutgers doubled their win total from the previous season, going from in to in An impressive feat for a team that got destroyed at home by Michigan two season ago.

So, does that mean Rutgers will win even more games in ? Is it going to happen? Atlantic City, in many ways, is every bit as famous as Las Vegas. New Jersey has enacted online sports betting legislation to let Atlantic City casinos offer online sports betting to NJ residents, but as of this writing, there is still no domestic online sports betting available. Below are the best legal offshore sports betting options that NJ residents have at this time and are a solid alternative for sports fans in the Garden State.

The following online sports betting sites are what we deem to be the best in the industry. They each offer a huge variety of sports, wagering options, and competitive betting lines for New Jersey sports and other sports held in the US or around the world.

Site Name Current Bonus U. Soon after online casino and poker gambling were legalized in NJ, Christie signed NJ State Bill , that allowed legal domestic sports betting. However, all the major professional sports leagues in the United States took offense. The leagues argued that offering sports wagering on their games was in direct violation of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, a law that prohibited the offering of sports wagering in the United States except for in a limited selection of states.

After the Supreme Court decision, NJ lawmakers sprung into action to rollout domestic sports betting, and in June of , the first legal sports bet was made at Monmouth Park. There are no federal or NJ state gambling laws that prohibit offshore betting at licensed and regulated sportsbooks.

In this glorious post-PASPA era, NJ bettors now have the option of betting at state-licensed online sportsbooks or legally regulated offshore sports betting site. This gives residents of the Garden State even more options when shopping for the most favorable betting lines and most competitive odds. The sportsbooks listed in this guide all posses legitimate credentials for legally operating within the industry. In , New Jersey passed legislation to modify their original efforts to allow legal online sports betting to NJ residents through their casino portal, however, at this time there are still no domestic online sports betting options.

New Jersey launched their first online sportsbook in partnership with DraftKings on Monday, August 6th,