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On a weekly basis, you will have the domestic leagues. William Hill is licensed by the Gambling Commission Number: Here, one is betting on an International match result; a Home Team victory, a draw, or an Away Team victory - there is no handicap. The major hotbeds for the game are in Australasia, Europe and South Africa. You are here

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Known for their excellent customer service and prompt payouts, they also offer a host of great bonus bets in their rugby package that is loved by punters. It goes without saying that all the bookies in the major rugby markets will offer lines on the game. Just please remember to use this page to find the line that works for you.

The ability to stream selected events to your desktop and now on your mobile phone has become a very good tool for the more serious punter out there. All one would have to do is open an online account with your bookmaker of choice and the option to watch their particular event s is there. An additional fee may be required depending on the sport and you would need to have funds deposited in your account.

Away from the convenience of being able to watch the game on the move, this option is particularly useful for those that like in-play betting. For rugby union odds comparison or any sport, this could be invaluable. This option could be the difference between winning and losing. Not all bookmakers give the option to livestream so again, use this page to go through and see which of the major companies offer this great tool.

Whether it is rugby union betting or league there is money to be made if you are prepared to delve into the form. All Tournaments By Categories. Home Rugby Union Rugby Union Betting Odds and Markets OddsDigger has introduced rugby bets and we are offering the best betting odds for you to compare and decide what is best for goals. Mitre 10 Cup 1 draw 2 The Rugby Championship 1 draw 2 Autumn International 1 draw 2 Can You Bet On Rugby?

Finding The Best Rugby Betting Data The obvious answer is yes but there are so many different ways of how to bet on rugby that can be a tad difficult for some. Get The Best Rugby Match Odds In terms of rugby premiership odds, again, it is a growing market but nevertheless popular especially in the established playing nations. The UK and International Rugby Betting Rugby is a worldwide sport but it is still to make a major imprint in many parts of the world.

Finding The Best Rugby Betting Prices As with any sport, it is important the punter studies the form if he or she wants to make some money. The Best Bets and Bookmakers: How To Bet On Rugby In terms of the best bets, a lot of those were discussed earlier in the piece but with regards to where to find the best odds on rugby, there is plenty of choices.

The favoured team must score enough points to overcome this handicap in order to be declared the winner. From the perspective of the underdog, the handicap may be viewed as a head start on points toward winning the game. For example if the spread is 5 points, the favoured team will need to win by 6 points for a bet on them to be considered a winning bet. The underdog can lose the game by as many as 4 points and still be declared the winner with regard to the bet.

OddsJet helps to find the ideal handicap to suit any opinion on any International match in addition to the best odds price. For American odds format, keep in mind the difference between positive and negative expressions.

Odds below even-money are always listed with a negative number. For example, if New Zealand is favoured heavily on a Money Line, one might see a figure of In Decimal odds format, simply multiply the stake amount by the decimal odds price to understand the full amount that would be returned on a win including the stake amount. Bookmakers use the decimal system exclusively in Australia when determining the odds.

Using Rugby odds, you can easily calculate how much your payout will be if you successfully win your bet. The betting sites will provide several different odds — Straight, line and the Margin. The straight bet is simply picking the winner of the game.

Tips, Predictions and Scores It is crucial to do a little homework when making your tips and predictions. Special Rugby Betting Types Australian betting sites also offer some of the more fun and less common Rugby betting options you will come across with the best sports betting sites outside of the more common straight bet, points spread, and margin betting options as outlined above ; First Try Scorer — This market is usually available on which team will get the first try OR on a specific player.

Head-to head most tries — This market pits two opposing players against each other, usually with odds, to see who gets the most tries in the match. The exceptions are usually World Cup or Super Rugby knockout games. Bet on each half in isolation. Young Boys vs Man.