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Sign up for free today. Who is it For? Be Part of the Community. Sign up to The Coaching Manual Sign up for free today. As a confirmation — my main tactic in Dresden story. Diversity is a good thing. Times when you could create one super tactic and win everything with it in Football Manager are gone. Therefore I would advise to have 3 very different tactics. In particular, it seems important to me to have different formations.

Moreover, in this case AI opponent is always in question what tactic you will use next time. Analysis takes time but never hurts performance of your team. It depends much on opponent and their playing style. Team instructions are helpful even if your players are not familiar with that or another instruction. I would give a tip to experiment when your team underperforms and enable some combinations.

Always react on yellow cards changing Tackling level to Easy or even better substituting a player fined by referee. When new pre-season starts, your aim No.

The last but not least, corner and free kicks are always tend to be dangerous situations on a pitch. It might be I forgot to mention some tactical tips and hints I have in mind.

If the score is at half time the flow of the game and number of shots on goal or corners can be assessed to determine whether the bet should be closed or left until the conclusion of the game. However, only about one in five matches do not have a goal before half time so in most cases the bet will be settled as winner before the second half. Betting on how many corners there will be in a footbal match might seem a strange form of gambling. However, with the right statistics big profits can be made from this market.

Simply be keeping a note of how many corners a team wins or concedes easy winnings can be generated in the second half of the season of any league. Some teams will play the ball out of the penalty area or head away from goal rather than risk conceding a corner. Windy weather tends to increase the count but very heavy rain can waterlog the pitch and reduce the count. These factors and statistics for corner winning abilities create a bank of data that can be applied to spread betting and traditional betting.

Spread betting firms will quote a range of corners which can be bought or sold. Traditional bookmakers will quote odds on three bands such as under 11 corners, exactly 11 corners or more than 11 corners. This approach can be used for domestic matches and international games.

Tournaments such as the World Cup, Copa America and European Championship involve many games over a sort period of time. Noting results from the first few matches and carefully applying the extra data concerning playing style, weather and pitch conditions can result in decent profits.

Sides that cannot qualify for Europe in that continent but are well clear of relegation often have little commitment when they meet. History proves for example in the English Premiership that the last weeks of the season produce far fewer red and yellow cards than any other period. Bookmakers price up bookings for all matches shown live on television. They use a scoring system that awards 10 points for a yellow card and 25 points for a red card.

In England from February until the end of the season in May many games are sure to end with much lower total bookings points than the average for the whole of the season. Spread betting and normal betting firms are obviously aware of this but often matches are still overestimated in terms of the number of cards shown by the referee. Before betting in this market it is also advisable to consider another vital factor and that is the referee.