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I keep putting it behind me, but things just keep coming up like this," I complain. But we will have a psychiatrist to evaluate them. Zayn and I are sitting on the couch. About Sean Keeley

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We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. You obviously know something," I scream. I feel my own tears start to fill my eyes. I'm so desperate for him to stay and explain what's going on. I hate not knowing. Please, delete my number," Harry whispers. I watch pathetically as he slips out of my office.

I plop back on my chair and sit there, allowing myself to cry. I hear the door open and watch as Payne walks in. Do I need to call Zayn? The only thing I want right now is to be with my best friend.

Zayn always knows how to cheer me up. I hear Liam pull out his phone and call him. A moment later the door opens and I feel familiar hands wrap around me. I'm gonna take Louis home," Zayn explains. Zayn rubs my back as I stand and grab my things. I hate crying over something as pathetic as a boy. Zayn walks me to his car, not wanting me to drive home. I feel a little better by the time we get back to the house.

The crying has left me empty and emotionless. I can go for a nap. Zayn and I are sitting on the couch. I sip from a cup of tea while Zayn watches me. Zayn gives a small nod. You don't cry over things like that, Louis.

There's something else this is all coming from. When Stan broke up with me the first time, Zayn came and he made tea and we just talked. It was nice to have moments like this where I wasn't forced to be some hardened coach or hold up a masculine exterior. I like knowing I can be vulnerable in front of someone like this. It's my life I should know more than anyone else about me. Now that it's been fixed, all he'll say is that his nose was pointing off to the side of his face.

The byproduct, however, is that he'll have to play with a visor on his helmet facemask this season after he underwent reconstructive surgery. It was an adjustment at first, but after Saturday's third practice of training camp, the Green Bay Packers outside linebacker said he's used to it. Matthews said he wore a visor briefly in college "just to swag out back then, but now it's for protection; we don't want to get poked because they said with a rhinoplasty, it could take months to really heal.

That was the recommendation of Dr. Paul Nassif, the famed Beverly Hills, California, plastic surgeon who worked on him. Matthews said he was fortunate not to suffer more serious facial injuries. He said he bled so much initially that he got stitches, but there was so much swelling in his face that he had to wait more than a week to undergo surgery.

No matter how I got hit, it would've been unfortunate, but all things considered, this was probably the quickest turnaround of all the possible injuries. It was just really unfortunate. It's one of those injuries where everyone kind of makes light of it like, 'Oh, he just broke his nose,' like a basketball player will wear a facemask.

But this thing was pointing off to one side. I'll post a picture one day because it was pretty bad. If the early days of training camp have been an accurate indication, Matthews, 32, will be featured prominently in new defensive coordinator Mike Pettine's scheme. The Packers did not add an outside pass-rusher during free agency and drafted only one -- Kendall Donnerson of Southeast Missouri in the seventh round.