The problem with the Warhawks was defense, which ranked next to last in This may lead to subtle reconciliation issues. The player with the best score wins the Classic contest. Troy Fearless Prediction, Game Preview. Aidy will win just because I think he's taking his chances better than Dave. Previous Darts Tips

Dave Chisnall v Adrian Lewis

Some programs are getting a facelift

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Rugby League World Cup Request notification for upcoming prediction games. In order to enter predictions you need to be signed up for according prediction game.

Most of the prediction games also include an overall result prediction. This prediction games contains the following contests: Classic contest Cup contest Drop Out contest. In addition to the main contests above there a are some less important unofficial contests.

Preliminary round Best of 3 8 Matches. Quarter finals Best of 9 4 Matches. Semi finals Best of 11 2 Matches. Final Best of 13 1 Match.

The rules are as as simple as it gets. The Cup contest contains several knock-out rounds. In some prediction games mostly football the Cup contest will be staged twice. In the so-called Drop Out contest the number of players are reduced bit by bit every round. This contest groups the best three players to a team according to the team they support. This contest groups the best three players to a team according to their originating country.

This contest uses an indirect scoring system: Their games are getting better with Lewis now taking his opportunities, which he wasn't doing before, and Chizzy looks a little less flustered and a little more capable.

He's got his composure back but then he'll go missing - he lacks belief when it comes to winning big games. Aidy will win just because I think he's taking his chances better than Dave.

Big night for Phil - he's playing twice. I don't think he gets anything from Gary because he's too good for him right now and probably will be for the rest of Taylor's career.

Anderson has had 13 ton-plus finishes - more than anyone. That tells me that he's never out of a leg and I just think his scoring is phenomenal. I think Gary gets the better of him, but I'm not going for a score because it's too difficult.

Wade isn't playing well - I keep saying it and I keep being proved right. How he beat Phil Taylor last week, I don't know. Certainly no good asking Phil and no good asking James. James plays to anywhere between a 90 and 94 average and somehow gives better players untold problems. I don't know how he does it. He's becoming more of a spoiler than anyone and he can still qualify for The O2. The odds suggest Peter will win this handsomely, but I don't think that he'll run away with it.

Barney was the last player to beat him in the Premier League when they met in Manchester, but I say it every week - I won't back against Van Gerwen.

I can't see how you can think that he's going to get beat by anyone.