20 Super Bowl 51 prop bets that need to exist

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Super Bowl Party Games for Adults

Buzzwords / Take Props

Those are basic words, but if you want to up the degree of difficulty you could look for phrases like "felony assault", "wide right", "Super Bowl Shuffle", "Joe Namath", or any reference to anyone in the Manning family. Of course, the latter suggestion may leave you pretty rocked. Pick-a-Player Write up the names of the key players in the game on both teams. Put the names in a hat and have everyone draw a name or you could draw for an offensive and defensive player each if you don't have many bodies at your party.

Every time that player is involved in a play you are able to pass out a drink. It's up to you whether or not to omit the quarterbacks since they are involved in every play. A touchdown is worth seven drinks for the player that scores it.

If the MVP's name wasn't drawn you can either refund the money or choose another way to divvy it up. Another variation on this game is to separate all of the people at the party for one team or the other. That should keep the attention on the game into the fourth quarter! Pass the Cup One of the classic Super Bowl games to play is pass the cup. If I'm holding the cup, I put a dollar in. If I say "touchdown" then for each play that is not a touchdown, the cup gets passed and another dollar gets dropped in.

When a touchdown is scored, the person holding the cup gets the cash. Whoever holds the cup can make the rule, so you can do first downs, field goals, whatever you like. Final Game Of course, the most important game on Super Bowl Sunday is "Hide the keys from your drunk friends so they don't get out on the road. Police checkpoints are accelerated during Super Bowl Sunday, so make sure all of your madness stays inside of the house so you can play again next year.

If you don't have exactly 10 people, you can use 5 people with 2 squares each or you can allow some participants to have more squares than others. Step 2 Place the numbers 0 through 9 in a hat and draw one number at a time. Place the numbers in the boxes starting at the top box and working your way down.

The number of winners on this pool is the same as the other football square games. There should be a winner at the end of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd quarters and a 4th winner at the end of the game. Since each person has only one winning number instead of two, as in your typical Square Grid game.

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