Animal Super Bowl Predictions and Picks 2018

Will the Eagles, with Nick Foles in position to become one of the most unlikely Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks in history, shock the world and win their first Super Bowl? He was so scared that he packed the entire team up and left for Los Angeles. Walter the Camel — Philadelphia Eagles photos: Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email. About Andrew Bucholtz

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NFL Super Bowl 51 Animal Expert Picks and Predictions

View the full video below:. With a penchant for nail biting drama, the young camel cut a line right down the middle, making the spectators and zookeeper wait until he returned for his official prediction — the underdog Philadelphia Eagles. Now if only the jaded Marty would weigh in and force a tie he just looks like a Pats fan. The highly anticipated event paired two teams of pups and grown-ups dogs , with one of each pack wearing New England Patriots colors, and the other decked out in Philadelphia Eagles swamp green.

If you live in the area and are in need of a companion, you may as well come on down and adopt one that can also help with your sports picks, year in and out. How do you like them apples?? The reason for his procrastination became evident as the game was a close one, with the Patriots winning in overtime against the Falcons.

Tijuana made her tough as nails and she soon began hanging around Qualcomm Stadium. She instantly bounced up and began growling at the billionaire. He was so scared that he packed the entire team up and left for Los Angeles.

Little does he know that Elsa was last seen passing through Carson. When it comes to making sports picks, Elsa has been going heavy on the Philadelphia 76ers lately. The more the merrier and more accurate , right? Three mixed-breed dogs and five cute-as-hell kittens were given exactly the same test that Elsa—the canine above—took.

The results were somewhat unanimous, especially for the pups that all decided to ride the Tom Brady wagon. The kittens, meanwhile, seemed indecisive or had different things in mind. They ignored the whole test, choosing to play around and mess with the goal post.

Patriots 30, Eagles Yet this Eagles defense, fresh off of a lockdown of the Vikings in the NFC title game, has what it takes to finish the job.

Eagles 26, Patriots With multiple coverage looks and extreme talent in the defensive secondary, the Jaguars gave Brady and the Patriots trouble in the AFC championship game before New England pulled off yet another epic comeback. Yes, the Eagles enter Super Bowl 52 with a stout defense, but they don't have the talent in the back seven to contain the Patriots' passing game early the way the Jags could. Patriots 31, Eagles Foles looked great against a better defense in the NFC championship game, but it's tough to expect a repeat performance on a bigger stage away from home.

The Pats' experience gives them the edge, and their pass rush can apply enough pressure to force Foles into some mistakes. The Eagles have proven themselves capable of beating the Patriots this postseason on both sides of the ball.