Online Betting in Kenya

Website Created by SilkTech. Without a doubt, the number one sport to bet on in Kenya is soccer or football. Four out of five bets are placed on football matches, mainly on the English Premier League and the Spanish Primera Division , with the Kenyan Premier League enjoying limited preference among local punters. British Pound Regulated Gambling Products: Online Betting in Greece: Payment Options

Can You Bet on Tennis Games?

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There are a lot of potential bets to be made, enough to suit pretty much any wagering style. The average tennis event has a whole lot of potential markets available. The usual wager is simply based on winner odds. This means that you are placing your stake on the winner of a single match. For larger tournaments, you can also place a bet on outright odds. And you can do in play tennis betting. This means that you are wagering on the eventual champion of the live tournament. This is a great option if you love following an entire tournament all the way through.

They oversee a wide variety of competitions, covering everything from small regional events to larger national tournaments. OddsDigger Kenya allows you to check all the potential markets in seconds and with zero stress. Wimbledon is one of the biggest and most famous. All three are really great opportunities for wagering. Like most sports betting, tennis betting depends on you doing your research. But if you follow the players every step of the way and ensure you stay up to date with all the most important developments, you can really make some good returns.

On top of that, a lot depends on getting the best odds around. OddsDigger Kenya is a good choice for this, as we provide you with numbers from a diverse range of sources. There are many places to bet on tennis. Online bookmakers and tennis betting experts have never been bigger and provide fans with a really great selection of options. Plus, because they have to compare their odds with a lot of other competitors, they are forced to keep everything fair.

It is also a nation that loves sports, including long distance running, where the country has proven to be a dominant force in world-class competition. Cricket, rugby, and volleyball are also quite popular here. Given these factors, it makes perfect sense that betting on sports has become a popular pastime in Kenya. Gamblers in Kenya have little trouble finding ways to place a bet, either when it comes to visiting a live sportsbook or an online betting site. Regulated online sports betting began in the country back in , when SportPesa was licensed to offer such bets over the Internet.

Since then, the government has opened up the sector to competition, with the Betting Control and Licensing Board allowing about 10 companies to legally offer Internet bookmaking operations. In addition, a wide variety of foreign websites offer sports wagering to the Kenyan market.

While this activity is not expressly authorized under the law, it is tolerated, with no government action having been taken thus far to either block these sites or punish either operators or players who wager on them. The exact methods used in order to make deposits into your online gambling accounts in this country will vary depending on the sites you play on.

Regulated Kenyan sites like to use mobile payments through a service known as M-Pesa in order to process deposits. This is becoming a more popular option throughout the iGaming industry, and makes sense here, where it is a fast and secure way to bill players. For instance, at SportPesa, you can have a deposit billed to your Orange, Safaricom, or Airtel account, allowing you to get money into the sportsbook that you can pay for on your next mobile bill or drawn from your prepaid phone balance.

Mobile money accounts are also used to process withdrawals. Of course, you may also find other common banking options available, particularly if you choose to play with foreign sites that have broader operations.

There, you may be able to make deposits with Visa or MasterCard branded credit or debit cards, process bank transfers, or use an e-wallet program such as Neteller or Skrill. As always, the availability of these options will vary based on the sites chosen and what is made available specifically within your country. Without a doubt, the number one sport to bet on in Kenya is soccer or football.

The game is extremely popular, and bets on all of the top European leagues make up the bulk of the action at most Kenyan sites. Of course, many other sports are also offered on these sites, just to cover anything you might want to bet on.

Basketball is another game that is frequently bet, while American sports like baseball and American football get a fair amount of attention as well.

Tennis, rugby, handball, volleyball, and cricket also see plenty of betting here. Today, the gaming industry is regulated under the Betting, Lotteries, and Gaming Act. Passed in , it is responsible for the establishment of the Betting Control and Licensing Board or BCLB , which in turn oversees and regulates all types of gaming in the country. In general, most forms of gaming are legal under this framework, provided that operators are licensed by the BCLB.

That includes everything from casino gambling to lotteries, sports betting, poker, and bingo. However, that has changed in recent years, as sports betting websites have been regulated since Many of these sites now also offer casino gaming as well, thought bookmaking still tends to be the main focus.