UFC Fight Night 136: Hunt vs Oliynyk Preliminary Predictions

Ortega circling on the outside and looking to counter. He scores a jab. Poirier with more elbows. Sheldon Westcott vs. Edgar Garcia

Joe Soto vs. Michinori Tanaka

Kamikaze Overdrive MMA Predictions

Ansaroff complains of an eye poke. Replays show Kish clearly reached out with a left hand. Doctor comes out, and Ansaroff really seems to be squinting, but we fight on. Quick exchanges again on the restart.

Ansaroff changes levels and looks for the takedown. Kish defends well and works off the cage. Kish the aggressor, but Ansaroff answering well. Kish with a spinning elbow. Big left lands, as well. Ansaroff with an elbow inside. Kish with a left hand. She seems the more powerful striker.

Ansaroff not backing down though. Ansaroff working low kicks. Kish scores with a knee. Kish just wildly moving forward. Ansaroff with some technical counters, but the volume is from her opponent.

Kish continues to press in the final minute. Scrappy stuff from both women. Round 2 — Kish still looks to be the aggressor, but she also seems to be fading a bit. Ansaroff kicks the legs. Kish with a big right over the top. Her volume has slowed tremendously. Kish works inside, and she scores a takedown with a head and arm throw. Ansaroff trying to scramble, but Kish settles on top. She looks very heavy on top.

She controls the body and looks to posture. She gets in a few right hands. Ansaroff works to her knees and looks to ruse, but Kish controls from the front. Round ends there, and MMAjunkie gives it to Kish, Round 3 — Ansaroff seems to have the most energy of the two, and she scores an early takedown. Kish settles into guard. Ansaroff on top, but Kish controlling the wrists and preventing much work. Kish turns for an arm, but Ansaroff pushes that effort aside and scores a right hand. Referee Chris Tognoni watching close, but Ansaroff is staying as busy as she can.

Kish scrambles and gets to her feet. Ansaroff lands a right hand and wants to adjust her knee brace, but Kish threatens to strike. Kish gets inside and looks for a takedown. Ansaroff balances on one leg but does eat a right hand as she turns and establishes balance.

Ansaroff finally seems a little tired, as well. Kish tries hard for the takedown. She gets it with 90 seconds left. Kish pushes to mount. Ansaroff turns and exposes her back. Kish goes to work on the choke. Not there, so she punches a bit. Less than 30 seconds. Ansaroff nearly advances to mount to close. MMAjunkie gives it to Kish, , and gives her the fight But these could be anywhere. Nina Ansaroff via unanimous decision , , Recap: Nina Ansaroff photos Records: Round 1 — Noke with a few early low kicks.

He looks strong early. Morono fires back with a few big spinning strikes that just miss. Noke throwing heavy shots on the feet. Morono with another spinning kick. Noke left scores flush. Morono is hurt, but he backs away and recovers. Morono throwing massive haymakers, but Noke controlling with more technical shots. They move into the clinch. Morono working footstomps on the outside. Noke circles off and pulls away. Noke with a jab, and he slips the big counter.

Noke scores again with a big right hand. Morono throwing everything with power. Morono lands with a big right that stuns Noke, but he shakes it off. Big work from both men. Noke misses a spinning kick. MMAjunkie gives it to Noke, Round 2 — Noke again moving forward with nice technique, as Morono looks to answer with more creative shots. Noke is bleeding a bit from the nose. Both men look content to strike. Morono still throwing every shot with bad intentions. Noke with a left and slips on a high kick.

Noke pawing at his nose as the bleeding gets worse. Morono pressing, but they move into the clinch, and Noke slips around the back. Noke moves up, and Morono takes his back, but Morono is also too high. He falls off, and Noke gets on top. He looks to strike, but Morono turns to attack the right leg. Noke fights it off, and Morono has to settle for guard. Noke striking from the top as time winds down. Round ends there, and MMAjunkie gives it to Noke, Round 3 — Noke opens with kicks.

He batters the lead leg a bit. He goes to the body, as well. Morono slowing a little. Morono still looking to load up on one big shot. Noke trying to stay busy and keep the offense flowing. Morono with the spinning strike that misses. Morono with a Superman, but Noke blocks and throws a clean straight. Noke drives in for a takedown, but Morono pushes him aside. Two minutes remaining, and both men digging deep. Morono throws a big right hand. Noke just the busier man.

Noke does get the takedown, but Morono starts rattling off elbows from his back. Morono turns and looks for the armbar. He isolates the left arm. Noke turns and gets through it after a few tense moments. Noke finishes on top. MMAjunkie gives the round to Noke, , and awards him the fight But Morono was a tough newcomer.

Kyle Noke via split decision , , Recap: Kyle Noke photos Records: Kanehara drives in for a takedown. McDonald tries to grab a guillotine as he falls. Kanehara postures and tries to break the closed guard. McDonald still hanging on to the squeeze.

He finally has to let go. McDonald breaks the guard. Kanehara steps over one leg. McDonald trying to find a way up. Kanehara slipping in punches to the body. He steps over to full mount. McDonald regains half and again looks for the guillotine.

Kanehara with short elbows from the top, and he pops his head out. Kanehara just controlling from the top. Short punches coming in when he can.

Big right hand from Kanehara. Kanehara finishes on top, and MMAjunkie gives him the round, Round 2 — Kanehara walks forward and looks to mix it up. McDonald tries to fire in a big right hand. Kanehara pushes inside and scores a quick takedown.

McDonald again controls the neck, but Kanehara slips out to side control. McDonald still had his arm around the neck. Kanehara steps over to mount. McDonald trying to recover, but Kanehara works hard to set up the arm-triangle.

McDonald in trouble, but he somehow slips out and goes immediately to the back. Masanori Kanehara via submission rear-naked choke — Round 2, 2: Masanori Kanehara photos Records: Round 1 — Trujillo gets quickly to the center. Sims moving side to side. Trujillo blasts forward, but Sims slips away.

Trujillo looking to throw bombs, but he gets a little off-balance when Sims moves away again. They exchange big punches. Trujillo firing power shots, but Sims moving very well to start. Trujillo misses a big left. Sims slipping and countering right now. Trujillo punches his way into a takedown attempt. Sims sprawls well against the fence and then blocks a big right as he exits. Sims ducks in on a takedown. Trujillo grabs a guillotine as they fall.

He tries to roll out, but Trujillo rolls with it and adjusts. Choke looks tight, and Sims has to tap. Tony Sims via submission guillotine choke — Round 1, 3: Abel Trujillo gets powerful first-round guillotine tapout of Tony Sims Photos: Tony Sims photos Records: Round 1 — Brandao gets the center and slips on a low kick.

He crawls back up and looks to strike. Big shots, and then he picks Ortega up and slams him to the floor. Ortega threatens the arm, but Brandao pulls free and returns to his feet. Ortega looks willing to throw, but Brandao looks very dangerous early. The action shifts to the floor, and Ortega works guard. Brandao with a few elbows from the top.

Eventually, he backs away and brings it back to the feet. Brandao scores a nice right hand as Ortega looks to rush. A left counter scores, as well. Brandao blocks a high kick and then punches to the body. Brandao patient in his attack.

Brandao throws a pari of punches and then finishes with a kick to the legs. Ortega with a nice kick to the body. Ortega with a nice jab. He is finding range. Round ends on the feet. MMAjunkie gives it to Brandao, Round 2 — Brandao again looking to attack. Ortega circling on the outside and looking to counter. Brandao briefly moves to a clinch and then backs away.

Ortega with a high kick. Pace is slowing a bit. Ortega getting comfortable on his feet and lands a right hand. Brandao claims a poke, but we fight on. Brandao with a nice combo to the body and head. Ortega is landing more frequently right now. He does walk into a right hand. Brandao does rattle off three quick punches.

Ortega content on the feet right now. Brandao looking better in the late stages of this frame. Ortega does counter with a clean right. Brandao scampers back to his corner in the end.

MMAjunkie leans slightly toward Brandao, Round 3 — Brandao picks up the pace to start the third. Ortega wants a takedown. Instead, Brandao ends up on top. He stays there briefly before backing away.

Ortega wants a guillotine. He misses it, but he keeps the pressure high. Ortega grabs the neck again and rolls to the floor. Not there, but he transitions into a triangle choke. He keeps the squeeze up and adjusts, and Brandao has to tap. Diego Brandao via submission triangle choke — Round 3, 1: Diego Brandao photos Records: Round 1 — Tumenov in the center.

Larkin moving as both men look to strike. Both men moving well to start as they gauge the distance. Larkin kicks the leg, and Tumenov just misses the counter. Larkin throwing the low kick and slipping the counter to start.

He scores a jab. Tumenov rushes forward with a high kick and punches. He scores a bit, but Larkin escapes off the fence. Larkin continues with the low kick. He fires a kick to the body. Tumenov scores with a right hand. Tumenov kicks the leg. Tumenov the one walking forward. He scores with a short left. MMAjunkie leans just slightly toward Tumenov, Round 2 — Quick start again.

Larkin sticking with the kicks. Tumenov catches another low kick and just misses the counter. Larkin might be ready to go up high. Tumenov still working his hands. Larkin kicks the legs again and then scores with a sneaky right. Tumenov answers to the body.

Larkin continues to chop away at the leg. Tumenov with two punches to the body. He goes there again. Tumenov trying to press, and he continues to dig to the body.

Larkin moving well against the fence to avoid getting trapped. Good back and forth in the closing minute. Larkin still chopping the legs. Tumenov favors the body. Tumenov nearly catches another low kick.

MMAjunkie leans toward Tumenov again, Round 3 — Tumenov left leg a mess, and he limps out a bit. Still he presses forward. Larkin still sticking with the leg attacks. Larkin lands a right hand. Tumenov holding the center and trying to let his hands go from there. More leg kicks from Larkin.

More spinning low kicks from Larkin. Tumenov still firing to the body. His leg has to be in real pain. Tumenov punching to the body and head. Larkin still moving well and attacking the leg.

He lands a few short left hands. Larkin drives in for a takedown. Tumenov defends against the fence. Tumenov switches off the cage. They trade punches to close. MMAjunkie gives the final round to Larkin, , but awards the fight to Tumenov, Tough fight to score. Lorenz Larkin via split decision , , Recap: Lorenz Larkin photos Records: Tumenov honorable mention Broadcast: Round 1 — Arlovski on the outside to start.

They trade a few reaching low kicks. Arlovski goes with a right to the body. Arlovski bouncing light on his feet, but Miocic catches him flush with a right to the ear. Miocic sees it and rushes forward. Another right hand scores, and Arlovski crashes to the floor. Round 1 — Condit bounces on the outside. Lawler moves with him in the center. Condit with a nice kick to the body as they exchange punches. He continues to circles on the outside and lands a nice low kick.

Lawler chasing and scores with a few big looping punches. Condit rushes out and lands a right that sees Lawler stumble to the floor, but he gets back up and clinches to slow things down. Condit with two punches that scores from range. Kicks traded to the body. Condit pressing the action. Lawler looks a little uncomfortable right now. Condit scores with a right hand. Condit with a low kick. Condit scoring from range and looking incredibly comfortable. Round ends on the feet, and MMAjunkie gives it to Confdit, Round 2 — Lawler in the center again.

Lawler kicks the body. Good pace from both to start the second. Condit still going to all levels, and he kicks the legs.

Flurries from Condit at all angles. Khabilov is working his way back into contention on the strength of a 5-fight winning streak, most recently besting Desmond Green.

Rustam is the younger man by 2-years. This bout was originally scheduled to take place last March, but Khabilov pulled out due to injury and Johnson defeated Stevie Ray. Kajan has been a road warrior, going in bouts in England, Japan, and the Philippines and will once again face a crowd favourite in Khabilov. He is while fighting inside the Octagon at home. Johnson is a capable fighter wherever the fight goes, but his level of aggression often gets himself in trouble.

In recent bouts, he has shown an improved focus on his defence- but that has resulted in a downturn in overall offence. In similar fashion, Khabilov is far from an overwhelming striker but supplements his vertical offence with a multitude of takedowns. He does have some pop in his vertical offerings, he is usually looking to close the distance and shoot. The Canadian has an avenue to victory in this fight, but he needs to maintain an above average striking pace while keeping Khabilov on the feet for the duration of the bout.

That is not going to be easy. Taisumov has won 6 of his 7 UFC fights including 5 in row- all by knockout. Green is the younger man b a year. A capable wrestler, Green has had mixed results inside the Octagon.

He successfully took Michel Prazeres down on 3 occasions but also gave up a trio of takedowns. Rustam Khabilov completed 3 as well. The biggest knock on Green has been his lack of aggression, but against Tibau he showed an increased focus on striking output,.

Green was recently involved in car accident in which 2 people lost their lives. Piling up the body count, Taisumov has knocked out 16 opponents- 5 in the UFC. He is the first and only man to have knocked out each of the last 3 fighters he has faced. He throws heavy combinations and augments his boxing with a strong kicking attack.

Taisumov has not fought a full minutes since his loss to Michel Prazeres. His longest fight during his current streak lasted just seconds into the middle round.

Nonetheless, Green has struggled with less capable strikers than Taisumov and unless Desmond is able to offer an uptick in his offense striking and wrestling , he is going to struggle.

Taisumov needs to be mindful of going for the finish early and gassing out. Mairbek outworks Green, landing the more frequent and impactful strikes- my prediction is Mairbek Taisumov to defeat Desmond Green by decision. A pair of fighters coming off of devastating defeats will try to return to the win column as Magomed Ankalaev takes on Marcin Prachnio in the Light Heavyweight division. Ankalaev dominated Paul Craig in his debut, before surrendering the tap to a triangle choke at the 4: Prachnio made his debut against Sam Alvey, getting hurt during an exchange before walking face-first into the fight-ending knockout blow.

The Russian is the younger man by 4-years. In his debut, the big Russian dominated the majority of the action, outlanding his foe Magomed did get taken down on a couple of occasions, but he was able to counter into top position. From top position, he is capable of unleashing brutal, fighting ending ground and pound.

An aggressive finisher, Prachnio has stopped 11 opponents, 10 by knockout, and all 11 in the first frame.

Marcin tends to hold his hands a little low and was overextending on his strikes. Building on his Kyokushin background, his techniques had good pop behind them and he was effectively mixing up his offence to the head and body.

His body language suggested he never got comfortable prior to the end of the fight. Prachnio should also have a better performance with his debut behind him as well as fighting a little closer to home. Johnson formerly competed at Light Heavyweight to start his career, but is now moving down to pounds. They are both years of age. There are some significant elements to unpackage when looking at Yandiev.

In addition to making his UFC debut, he has not competed as a pro since , he fought 7-times that year, and began his career just one year earlier.

The heavily-muscled Russian has also never fought beyond the opening round, finishing most of his foes inside the first half of frame 1. Of his 9 stoppages, 6 have come by submission- mostly choke-based finishes.

Johnson has gone the distance in 4 consecutive fights, including his 3 UFC wins. His low completion percentage is a product of dogged pursuit of the takedown. In addition to the aforementioned issues, there is a lot of controversy surrounding Yandiev. Sekulic is riding a 2-fight winning streak after rebounding from injury based TKO loss. Sekulic is replacing Claudio Silva on roughly 2 weeks notice. A former M-1 Middleweight champion, Emeev has finished 10 opponents- 7 by knockout.

His 2 UFC victories are the product of a low volume grinding attacking- working in the clinch with a couple of key takedowns while limiting the output of his foe. Emeev made his Welterweight debut against Mina which should give him a better feel for how his body will perform this time around.

Winning the majority of his fights by submission 6 , Sekulic has a pretty decent takedown game to go along with an opportunistic guillotine choke. All of his submission wins transpire early in the fight, suggesting he switches his focus to controlling position over submission if he is unable to get the early stoppage. This could be a closely contested fight with both men offering similar skill sets. Dvalishvili will also attempt to break his UFC slump, as he has been defeated in both Octagon tussles- including a controversial submission loss to Ricky Simon.