Performify's Picks for UFC 73

Marquardt needs to close the gap without getting nailed with a knee, and he needs to take the fight to the mat. As a boost to his usual training regimen which includes work with fellow Canadian Georges St. What's the sales pitch for a third Liddell-Ortiz bout, and will fight fans buy it? UFC 73 was by far the most anticipated MMA event of the year with 9 fights on the card, 2 of which were title fights in the Middleweight and Lightweight divisions. Even if Marquardt can control the pace in this fight and can use his excellent closing ability to get the fight to the ground, the fight is certainly not over in a flash as soon as it hits the ground. UFC 73


UFC 73: Marquardt vs Silva - fight recap

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React injected new markup to compensate which works but you have lost many of the benefits of server rendering. Instead, figure out why the markup being generated is different on the client or server: The bout went all 5 five minute rounds and ended with Sherk by unanimous decision. One of the more anticipated fights of the night was between Rashad Evans and Tito Ortiz at the Lightheavy Weight division. Sparks were flying and both fighters put on quite a show for the sell out crowd at the Arco Arena in Sacramento, but the crowd was left disappointed when the bout ended in a draw due to a point deduction incurred by Ortiz in the 2nd round when he was penalized for holding onto the fence to prevent a takedown.

The main event of the night was the Middleweight championship bout between defending champ Anderson "The Spider" Silva and the challenger Nate Marqaurdt. With the ring of the bell Silva opened up with a quick flurry of striking combos, Marquardt tried to defend but was no match for the Brazilians speed and Nate "The Great" was TKO'd with 1: Tito Ortiz vs Rashad Evans. All 3 judges score the bout for a unanimous draw mostly due to the point taken away from Ortiz in the 2nd round.

Live UFC 73 betting odds. How to bet on the UFC. The Sports Betting Rules. View UFC 73 Deposit options. Be sure to get your UFC 73 bets down early at Gamblers Palace sportsbook , because the fight is here! Silva tries an arm-triangle from the bottom. Marquardt lands shots to the body from his opponent's guard.

Silva goes high with his guard but Marquardt backs out. Referee McCarthy restarts the action. Straight left from Silva finds its target. Marquardt shoots in but Silva stuffs it before taking Nathan to the mat. Standing above his opponent, Silva drops right-handed punches down until McCarthy halts the contest.